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University of Texas at Austin Selects Vertequip for US program

University of Texas at Austin Selects Vertequip for US program

17 Dec, 2014




Vertequip was one of the companies selected to join the 2015 UTEN Program.

The company presentation took place at Instituto Pedro Nunes in Coimbra - Association for Innovation and Development in Science and Technology attended by the community of creative and innovative leaders from academia, business from University of Texas.

The University Technology Enterprise Network (UTEN) program was created in 2007 between the Portuguese Government and the IC2 Institute within The University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin) to provide a commercialization outlet for the science and technology (S&T) in-country INVESTMENTS.

The Global Startup Program of The University of Texas at Austin offers Vertequip a year-long proactive outreach, business development and incubation program that will help expand Vertequip’s international market access while accelerating their paths to commercialization potential leveraging the robust Austin entrepreneurial ecosystem along with the IC2 Institute’s global know-how network as Vertequip’s Launchpad into the North American market and beyond.

Vertequip will receive support from dedicated IC2 business development executives and access to a seasoned advisory team with more than 100 years of collective business expertise, leading to > $ 300M in realized deals value.



We have currently identified certain UT-System organizations or experts who provide OSHA training courses and certifications and will leverage those resources first. We are also helping Vertequip to edit and refine their wonderful marketing collateral and content specifically for USA or English speaking countries. 

We have also begun recommending a # of industry-related trade shows/conferences that Vertequip might choose to exhibit or speak/present at, to help educate their target market about Vertequip and to identify possible partners, distributors or users of their equipment. Thus our main focus will be helping them identify partners and opportunities in the Building/Construction sector, the Commercial Window Washing/Building Maintenance sector, the Utility/Industrial Wind Turbine Farm and Maintenance sector and the Oil/Gas/Mining sector (including both Oil/Gas Rigs and Mining Operations/Safety sectors).  

The Vertequip team has a very solid technical capability and equally solid Marcom/design team that has built outstanding marketing and web content as well as numerous videos for marketing, selling and educational purposes.


Official page of the UTEN Program: