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STEP DEEP brings safety to Angola

STEP DEEP brings safety to Angola

06 Oct, 2014

100m deep, 3 persons, 3,5meters of translation and maximum safety. This is the challenge Vertequip faced when designed STEP DEEP4THREE.

Installed in Laúca, Angola, to help digging the water abductions of what will be one of the biggest dams in Africa when finished in 2018, the two systems installed will allow to bring the workers down to the mine pits safely. As the hole is open using explosives, the system must retract to clear from the projection chimney pulling back 3,5meters.

Each person carried by the system has an independent backup system that in a case of emergency carries the person down in a controlled descent, down to the base of the pit.

The Installation took approximately 12hours and 3-4 persons. A total of 48 anchor studs fix the system to the concrete foundation and a remote control allows the control of the automated translation and elevation systems.

Extensive safety and use checklists were created to guarantee the proper maintenance and use of the system.

Everyone that uses the system was instructed with the S.T.E.P Academy, a one-day training with a practical course and a mandatory emergency rescue exercise.



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