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Lisbon Challenge - S.T.E.P is one of the 10 winners

Lisbon Challenge - S.T.E.P is one of the 10 winners

09 Nov, 2013

The Vertequip is getting stronger as a company and this time it challenged the Lisbon Challenge.


One of the biggest events of Start Up companies in Europe, The Lisbon Transatlantic Challenge is a competition designed to startups seeking investment and international growth opportunities and is inspired by the Boston MassChallenge, the largest accelerator in the world of business. From 500 applications, 40% of which are international, Vertequip started among the 75 companies chosen for the BootCamp, a program sponsored by the Portuguese navy and inspired in a course designed by the British navy.



Over 3 months of countless meetings with mentors, investors and talks with numerous trainers of more than 15 different countries, Vertequip reached the top 25 and within the first 10 was a leap. The 10 winners were announced in the gala dinner on the 8th of November 2013. In addition to the financial reward of € 5,000, the next challenge was to present STEP to investors and Govermental entities in Brazil, USA and UK.


The tour to São Paulo, New York and London brought valuable contacts and business opportunities that boosted the company's activities.