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Angola - "S.T.E.P." wins best innovation prize

Angola - "S.T.E.P." wins best innovation prize

27 Oct, 2013

"S.T.E.P." was presented at the biggest event oriented to the Construction sector, Public Works, Planning, Architecture and Building Materials in Angola - Projeckta 2013.


Located in FIL - Luanda, the 11th edition of Projekta from 24-27th October 2013, which motto was "Projecting the Future, Building the present", had 380 exhibitors in an area of ​​15,000 m². Vertequip attended with our distributor NBK who represents "S.T.E.P." in Angola.


At the gala ceremony, Projekta distinguished "S.T.E.P." at the BEST PRODUCT INNOVATION.

The award was given by the jury that selected "S.T.E.P." between 3 nominees, after a careful selection process during the exhibition. It was an honour and a recognition to receive this award.