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21 Sep, 2013

On the 21st of September 2013 Vertequip inaugurated its Factory in Chamusca, Portugal.


With the help of 600k € in funding from the Governmental program QREN, the factory has been ready earlier then expected. The works carried out for several months endowed the facilities with 2 small pavilions of 2 floors each, an office space, a warehouse for finished products and a training room for the S.T.E.P Academy.


The factory is equipped with modern machines capable of manufacturing and produce the parts and accessories of the S.T.E.P.


15 Jun, 2013

Vertequip confirms the communication of approval of a QREN fund in a total of 600k €.

This incentive will support the construction of a new production facility in the disctrict of Santarém, located 100km north of Lisbon.